About Reflexology


Is an ancient therapy designed to bring the body back from ‘un-wellness to ‘wellness’ or ‘in balance’ to balance due to stress of modern living, ill health and pain, improper diet, environmental allergies, or anything else that makes you feel ‘un-well.

Reflexology is the practice of stimualting by manipulation, areas of the feet, hands with specific hand, thumb and finger techniques. This stimulation is believed to have a positive effect on a person’s health, improving circulation, easing pain, and increasing relaxation in the body. Reflexology is based on the theory that all body parts, organs, and glands are associated with specific areas, called reflex zones. By intentionally applying pressure to these reflex areas, changes can occur naturally in the corresponding body parts. Reflexology is generally focused on the feet because of the vast amount of nerve endings. It works primarily with reflexes through the nervous system.

Through relaxation the body is able to help itself with many problems it may be experiencing. When you relax your breathing and thinking slows, which allows your body to use more oxygen. When you are relaxed, endorphins (the body’s pain killers) get to where they are needed. Although there is little scientific research into the possible health benefits of foot reflexology, many people experience pain relief and express that when they have a session, it is the best foot massage they have ever had. Reflexology is a relaxation technique and a Reflexologist dose not attempt to practice medicine in any form. 

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Reflexology primarily reduces stress and tension, it improves blood supply and assists in the bodies natural ability to achieve homeostasis (balance). Reflexology has the power to nourish an ongoing state of well-being, while producing remarkable results. It DOES NOT propose cures. It merely enables the bodies own self healing mechanism to function at its best.



It is important to me, when you come for a service, your experience is well received and the quality of each reflexology session or manicure and or pedicure is something to be remembered. I use a ‘Perfect Chair’. This type of chair is designed to take all the pressure off your lower back and can be adjusted to each persons individual comfort.  You are fully clothed, only the shoes and socks are remove.  I provide an eye pillow as well if you are interested to block out any light, enhancing your ability to relax.

For more information, here are two published articles on me; Sabrina Kneads to Release Well Being ( Journal of Vocational Biographies Series D Vol. 3 No 10 ) and Healing Hands. (The Presidio Sentinel Newspaper May 2008)