Natural Nails


Natural Nails are an interesting and amazing part of the human body. They are small mirrors of the general health of the body. Healthy nails are smooth, shiny, translucent pink. Nails are a part of the skin and are made of the same protein, Keratin, ( KER-a-tin), as skin and hair. Natural nails and healthy skin go hand in hand. In order to serve a client responsibly and professionally, I have an opportunity to improve the appearance of the skin on the hands and feet therefore to enhance my client’s appearance. Because the nails are an appendage of the skin, problems with the skin can cause nail problems. It’s important to learn about the structure and function of the nails and to know when it is safe to work on a client. It’s just as important, to have a general understanding of what skin is and how it functions. Knowledge of the skin will help avoid the use of products that are unhealthy for the natural nail. Finished nails will always look their best when set off by beautiful healthy skin.