Testimonial from the book, Menopause Made Easy, written by Carolle Jean-Murat,MD. Featuring a chapter on Healthy Aging by Louis L. Hay ~p.20-21~

“I was introduced to reflexology by one of my patients, Sabrina Cox, who was (at the time) taking reflexology classes. One day she came to my office and told me that I looked tired: she felt I needed to relax. She returned after hours to do a reflexology session with me. Since then, I’ve become hooked!…After each session, I am so relaxed that I go to sleep immediately. When I wake up the next day, I feel like a new person.”


Thank you Sabrina for your healing touch and for your kindness to your clients. As a bereaved mother, I was very pleased to discover reflexology healing from Sabrina. It has become one of the ‘healing tools’ that I reach out for monthly. It is an integral part of my on going process of not only healing through the grief, but walking consciouly through the rest of my journey in this physical life.

With Love and Gratitude, Diane Nares

Pres. The Emilio Nares Foundation Kids Cancer Network


I have been using Sabrina for reflexology for over five years now and have found her services to be consistently of high quality. Working in an office where I sit in front of a computer all day, I tend to carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I was at the point where I had an almost constant pain in my neck as a result. After hearing about how pressure points on the foot can affect all the parts of the body, I decided to try reflexology. After one session with Sabrina there was a noticeable decrease in the tension and stiffness I felt in my neck. I have been a loyal client ever since.

I find Sabrina’s services superior to others I have experienced for several reasons. The first thing that struck me was the warmth and ambience of the office. It is in a private, quiet room with soothing music and soft lights. Sabrina pampers you by putting warm wraps on your neck and stomach, and a pillow on your eyes. As you lay back in the extremely comfortable chair you feel cradled in a sea of warmth. You immediately feel the sensation of relaxation permeating your body.

Sabrina’s pressure and technique are excellent as well. She is able to effectively work on the pressure points without causing pain or discomfort, as some people have that I have gone to.

Sandra Morgan, San Diego


Since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 35 years ago, I’ve been constantly coping with the resulting muscular pain and discomfort. Massage has been an invaluable tool, along with exercise and stretching, to keep my muscles relaxed.

Sabrina Cox’s skillful reflexology has played an important part in that needed relaxation for me. Sabrina provides a pleasant and calming environment where, coupled with her expertise, that terrible tension releases and I can enjoy a time of physical and mental peace. I highly recommend Sabrina’s talent and her professionalism speaks for itself,

Felice Gardener, La Jolla


Article printed in The Presidio Sentinel Newspaper, HANDS AND FEET: A Source Of Health Benefits, February 2004 written by Patty Brooks~

Recently I got the opportunity to learn more about a form of treatment that may have been practiced in Egypt as early 2330B.C., and is well known and utilized by Europeans and Asians and is becoming recognized in America because of its history and benefits….reflexology is the application of specific pressure to reflex points in the hands and feet….Illness, stress, injury or disease, places on the body in a state of “imbalance” the application and the effect of the therapy is unique….reflexologist can release blockages and restore the flow of energy….Tensions are eased, and the circulation and elimination is improved….Reflexology is suitable for acute and chronic conditions, stress-related conditions, sleep disorders, sports injuries and preventative therapy. It is quickly becoming a recognized natural therapy to relax, balance and harmonize the body….most clients are weekly or monthly one-hour treatments that are scheduled to accommodate their busy lifestyles….

“The environment….is serene and calming, with soft music, the most comfortable reclining chair imaginable, warm socks and hot pads for back and neck…all this before she even begins a treatment, offered Patty Smith of Mission Hills. She added, “I look forward to the hour I spend with Sabrina each week with great anticipation, knowing that for that period of time I am in the hands of a warm, caring and talented woman whose only focus is to make a positive difference in the life of her clients.”

“You can revive yourself in an hour! No showering/redressing required. Feel pampered and loved….and return to your day with more to give your clients,” offered Dr.’A’~ Lucy Abernathy of Mission Hills.
Martha Farsih added,” I leave appointments with Sabrina feeling like I’m rejuvenated from the ground up. I literally walk and move differently for days afterward.”

A Publication of Presidio Communications


This is a letter of thanks! I am grateful to have found you…my wonderful real estate agent shared her “best of the best” with me when I purchased our home here in San Diego. And you are exactly that, the best!

Reflexology has been an incredible source of relaxation and healing in my life, and the life of Josh (my husband) and all of the family and friends we send to you when they visit us. It’s hard to believe that Josh and I have been seeing you regularly for over three years. I remember first coming in for a reflexology treatment early in my pregnancy with my daughter. I asked if there were any contraindications and you assured me that reflexology was a helpful tool during pregnancy. Helpful? I now deem it a necessity of pre-natal care! I loved coming in for treatments while pregnant (both times) and finally getting to be comfortable again, watching the swelling from my ankles significantly diminish and feeling the baby respond with a hearty kick when you worked on different areas of my feet. Now as a mother of two small children, my reflexology treatments are like a tune-up for well-being. i feel happier, healthier, and more alive after my treatment with you. It is great for me, and everyone around me!

Sabrina, you have been given a gift and you share it so well with others. Thank you for your ever-present warmth, healing touch and professionalism.

With best wishes for continued success, Rachel Herman~ 3/07: San Diego


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous pain relief you brought to my cousin Cheryl, when she was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer last year.

Having endured an aggressive sersies of chemo and radiology treatments for several weeks, the times you treated Cheryl with reflexology on her feet made a remarkable improvement for her level of pain for at least two days after each treatment, as well as a significant difference in her level of activity and appetite!

Faithfully Yours, Cindy Tressor, El Cajon


I have been a client if Sabrina’s for two years. Reflexology had always intrigued me. The things that I read made sense, so I decided to give it a try.

I have TMJ and an ornery hip. Since starting with Sabrina both problems have disappeared!I don’t know exactly how or why it works, and I really don’t care- I just know it does work for me. In addition, Sabrina is very professional and a great person. My reflexology visits visits are the nicest thing I do for myself.

Sincerely, Marla Harrigan: Mission Hills


When I met Sabrina Cox six years ago I became a regular client. I had a forceps birth which resulted in a weak right side. Reflexology helps to relax that side as well as stretching the muscles of the hands and foot. Sabrina has a gentle but firm way of making my body relax. She gives suggestions on exercises I could do in between visits. I have given many gift certificates to friends and all of them have enjoyed and profited from the experience. I am a firm believer in reflexology, especially when you have an outstanding professional like Sabrina.

Betsy Blakely, La Jolla


I met Sabrina in my neighborhood. I thought I would treat myself to some foot reflexology to see if it would help any of my symptoms. I have been suffering for a decade now with sciatic nerve damage in both legs from two back surgeries. I have what they politely call ” failed back syndrome” . What they mean is – we can’t fix you. I knew the therapeutic effects of reflexology on the feet and hands can be excellent, so I gave it a try.

Now, two years later, I see Sabrina about once every three weeks, or, ‘as needed’. These treatments have helped increase my productivity and helped my gait be more even. During my treatments, I can feel the tension melting away. Reflexology really helps a lot to calm my muscle spasms that come along with the back surgery. Most of my pain is constant down my left leg & to my foot, so, I was nervous about letting someone ‘work’ on it. Sometimes just touching that area can cause my body to read it as pain and not as ‘help’. But, Sabrina is amazing! She worked on my feet and calves, and my pain didn’t increase this time. Each treatment helps me feel more normal and balanced. It also helps me to feel pampered and I get some ‘me’ time. I have a family, and I try really hard to keep my pain from interfering in our lives. I know that without these treatments, I probably wouldn’t get as much done, my muscle spasms would be worse, and I wouldn’t have met such a talented and thoughtful healer!

Thank you so much Sabrina, J.Bredestege, Mission Hills, San Diego


I had foot surgery to correct a bunion a couple of years ago which did not allow me to walk for seven weeks. I had a long and painful recovery. I began my rehab with a series of physical therapies which helped strengthen my body and helped in returning some mobility to my toe. I incorporated this with pilates in an attempt to recover. Through all of this my body struggled to gain balance, mobility, and relieve pain. When I was told about Sabrina and her specialty of reflexology, I called hoping that this could help in my recovery. I had a lot of anxiety about anyone touching my foot because of the pain.

Sabrina made me feel very comfortable and I was able to relax. She addressed the entire foot, which had been affected by the structural changes to it. i fond some relief immeadiately. She worked out the stress both in my feet which ultimately helped with the tightness in my hips and back. Sabrina’s knowledge of the foot really helped to achieve positive results. I no longer have pain in that foot and better mobility.

Susan Barlett, San Diego


Dear Sabrina,

At first I thought reflexology can help me relax from the stress of my everyday active life and physical workouts, and then I found that it also helped me with the quick recovery of my broken toe. As a martial artist, I tend to abuse my feet, and reflexology helps me heal quicker.

Now that I understand reflexology and how it works, I appreciate it more to know that it is actually helping rid my body of toxins. I recommend this to anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Sincerely, Toby Hallal: San Diego